Social Selling will create more millionaires over the next 10 years, so the importance of aligning with a company, products, technology and leadership is key!

NewAge Legacy Team is our team site and it's designed to educate, motivate and provide you with resources for you to succeed. We share proven techniques and training's for building your network marketing business. From the 90 DAY FAST START to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND MOTIVATION, we are here to help YOU achieve success. The site will continually evolve and will be a collaboration of the techniques used by many leaders to take them to the top of this incredible industry.

There are several components to a successful network marketing business. You need great leadership, great products, a great compensation plan and powerful proven systems for training and support. Success is not by accident and it is not by chance, it is by CHOICE.

This training platform was designed, hosted, created and maintained by Rick Billings, CEO Level in NewAge ARIIX. 

Part of this website is open to all, like "Network Marketing Power" and "Motivation" with other areas requiring a username and password. The member login is at the bottom of the screen along with other pertinent links.

Formal education can make you a living. Self education can make you a fortune! ~Jim Rohn

If you're NOT on Rick Billings team, please note that the information in this site is based on our teachings and not necessary those of your upline or sponsor.  

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